VE Exams

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) system to provide initial licensing examination for prospective new hams and to upgrade examination opportunities for those already licensed. The FCC authorized VEC organizations oversee the work of their certified Volunteer Examiners (VEs) and serve as a liaison between the exam applicants and the FCC.

The WRAET club, as a full-service ARRL club, offers a full range of VE exams with a range of VEC club members offering exams at all levels through the Amateur Extra license level. These VEC members are ARRL-accredited Volunteer Examiners (VEs) supporting the club community by offering exam opportunities and helping exam candidates fulfill their amateur radio aspirations.

The ARRL’s VEC program has a long standing tradition of serving the amateur radio community and the FCC with integrity and expertise. The ARRL, as the largest VEC in the nation, and, in turn, the WRAET club operate as a knowledgeable information source for a wide-range of licensing issues.

Service and volunteerism are vital parts of our amateur radio culture.